5 Anti Aging Foods

Are you on the “super food’ bandwagon? WE ARE. Super foods are plant and grain based foods, full of essential nutrients for our insides and outsides. Using these foods as your natural artillery of skincare is the next best to bathing in Hylunia.

Here is a little chemistry lesson; your skin breaks down due to free radical exposure and unstable chemical compounds such as, the sun and pollution. When you are treating from the inside out, cells have time to regenerate, skin has time to recuperate, and your youthful glow returns.

Get your grocery list ready for our favorite anti-aging super foods! Here you go…

1. Vegetables

Free radicals’ biggest enemy is the antioxidant, which is why we love eating greens! By eating vegetables you’ll give your body the fuel to kill these free radicals. Broccoli and carrots have never looked tastier, right?

2. Blueberries

Blueberries are full of flavonoids—a powerful antioxidant. As little as